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Game Concept

a little boy that is afraid of the dark. While he dreams his imaginations becomes a reality and object's that seem so ordinary in light, is now a threat to his life, the boy most survive until he wakes up from the nightmare. He must collect fragments of his shattered psyche, in a quest to understand his fear of the dark. The challenge is found in monsters chasing him.

Gameplay (Not All made it in to playable alpha)

the player goes from room to room. Where he must fight or avoid dangerous monsters chasing him if he gets to close. He can use different light sources to get the monsters to become ordinary furniture so they are no longer dangerous. the player can collect various objects up and throw them.

Since this is a school project and we were given 7 weeks to complete it some features sadly did not make it in to the game to be playable as we had to make a Game Report that quite litterly took most of our time :(

Regardless of that We sincerely hope you enjoy what we could muster and we would be more then happy to hear your thoughts and possible better doings.

Remember this is only a Concept Idea :D

Install instructions

This game was made using Monogame FrameWork using Visual studio so you are most likely required to download Microsoft Visual 2015++ Retribution package or higher.

How to install:

Unpack Rar to any place on your pc and Use the Setup file inside and install the game if everything is correctly installed you should be able to play the game.

How to Control is inside the Rar..

Error cannot install Look here :

If you find that the game cannot be installed then Right click on the winrar file and properties and Remove the block. and extract the game from winrar once again.


FearTheDark.rar 25 MB

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